Biotech Spinners (P) Limited

Folding Machine


  • ZD-3300 automatic folding machine is suitable for connecting with all kinds ironing machine and it is a perfect associated equipment of ironing machine. It can automatic fold and output the flat fabric from ironing machine.

Short Introduction:

  • Adopting big LCD screen and intelligent control system, perfect man- machine conversation interface.
  • Dual-transverse and three-longitudinal system result in 5 times fold, max folding function can be 32 layers;
  • Folding machine runs via airflow action and knife switch action, to ensure the quality of folding.
  • Adopting intelligent PLC control system and frequency converter, micro-computer control system; The precise calculation and accurate output to ensure the folding accuracy.
  • Import photo-detector and sensor parts are sensitive and precise; 24V low voltage control circuit, safety and reliability, easy maintenance.
  • Customer can randomly select one-fold, two-fold and five-fold according to width of the laundry.
  • This equipment is suitable for connecting with all kind of stacking machine;
  • Dual channel and four channel folding machine can be fabricated according to customer demands.