Biotech Spinners (P) Limited

Automatic Isolated type Industrial Washing and Dewatering Machine (Barrier Washers)

  • Our company newly developed SXT-FG series isolated-type washers, which are able to meet strct sterile, dust-free, antistatic cleaning requirements. Laundry is divided into 'clean zone' and 'non-clean zone' of two separate operating ranges through isolated-type washer and isolated wall. Washings will be loaded into the washing machine through the “non-clean zone” loading door. When washing is completed, unloading will be carried out from the 'clean zone'. With clean air control system, it will prevent bacteria and dust particles from the 'non-clean zone' to 'clean zone', thus avoiding secondary pollution of clean washing and cross-infection.
  • SXT-FG series isolated-type washers, with advanced technology, reasonable structure, economic operation, convenient maintenance and excellent performance, are widely used in hospitals, food, bio-pharmaceutical, nuclear power plants where extremely strict dust and bacteria-free environment.