Biotech Spinners (P) Limited

Full-Automatic Washer-Extractor

Heating mode: steam / electric heating

  • SXT-F Series Washer-extractor is suitable for hotel, restaurant, hospital, garment factory, laundry, industry-mining enterprise as well as individual washing -dyeing. It is used to wash cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics

Leading slight vibration Of Industry Washer:

  • Because of scientifically adding overload weight at the front of suspended object, gravity of suspended object and center of vibration source can combine in working state, so that reach perfect balance of suspended object.
  • Spring of vibration proof system adopt special design of recovery movement according to different vibration of suspended object front and back, so that finish the best vibration proof efficiency and effective vibration-reducing rate to 98%

Excellent Design And Fine Production:

  • Variable frequency drive, stepless speed regulation, quiet and stable operation.
  • High-quality bearing, long lifespan.
  • Imported seal material of major shaft, patent technology design, effectively resists high temperature and super acid-alkali.
  • Stainless steel panel, high corrosion proof.
  • Safe door-lock union device of patent technology ensure safety.
  • Five compartment automatic detergent adding system, injection moulding structure of nylon combination, high corrosion proof.
  • Humanized design larger-diameter loading door, it is convenient to load and unload, so that reduces labor strength