Biotech Spinners (P) Limited

Flatwork Ironer

Main Parts and Features:

  • Adopting imported spring, our machine can automatically adjust the pressing force according to the type of the linen.
  • Unique gear speed reduction transmission structure enables stable rotation and convenient lifting and dropping to ensure the ironing speed and flatness of the linens.
  • Efficient drying and air exhausting system can timely pump the evaporated moisture and exhausted the air to ensure the slot staying dry and quickly dry the clothes.
  • Frequency Converting, stepless frequency converting timing, self-functional-testing system, and single electric motor gearbox matching transmission system can enable steady running of the machine in order to adjust various kinds of linen ironing.
  • Adopting specialized ultrahard and smoothening crafts, the ironing slot can ensure ideal ironing results.
  • Convenient for Linking. This type of machine can be linked to any type of conveying and folding machine.
  • Intelligent computer, touching switch, multipoint screen displaying of temperature, ironing speed and operational procedures. It’s easy to operate